NPR World Cafe: Live Performance and Interview

world-cafe-logoDavid Bazan’s Crisis Of Faith

October 15, 2009 from WXPN – David Bazan has always worn his faith on his sleeve. Under the Pedro the Lion moniker, he challenged both Christian and non-Christian communities with honest narratives that revealed previously unspoken truths. But just as he wore his faith, on the new solo album Curse Your Branches, he wears his newfound agnosticism.

Curse Your Branches has already been compared to the work of Leonard Cohen. Amid melancholic arrangements, the disc finds Bazan detailing his struggle with faith in the Evangelical world. It’s an album of great music and great humanity. In this installment of World Cafe, Bazan gives a moving performance of songs from the new album.

Live performance includes When We Fell, Curse Your Branches, Bless This Mess and In Stitches.