Tour Has Commenced

Mar 3, 2010 : Salem OR – Ike Box

Hello again,

Caleb here, Merch seller & Tour Manager. We hope you’ve been good since we saw you last way back in late 2009. Tour has begun, and there’s some photographic proof up there.

I flew into Seattle two nights ago, Bazan picked me up and we headed to Casey Foubert’s house for some last-minute amp repair. Yesterday consisted of tour prep and the final band rehersal – my fingers are sore from folding t-shirts and Bazan’s are sore from building pedal boards. Also, yesterday we went to Paseo, undoubtedly the best sandwiches available for consumption anywhere in North America.

After a shockingly-on-time start this morning, we arrived at the first show on time, something that Bazan claims has never happened on a tour he’s been involved in.

We picked the dudes up, got some coffee, and headed for the interstate, waving goodbye to the majestic mountain-and-sea landscape of Washington and saying hello to the majestic mountain-and-sea landscape of Oregon. After a stop for lunch in Portland at Elephant’s (OMG) we pulled into Salem with time to spare.

The fine folks at the Ike Box treated us well, and aided us in putting on a great show. They have an icee machine there. We ate at a mexican restaurant in a weird, Epcot Center-esque open-air market type place in Downtown Salem.

Make sure to check the dates for this tour to see if we’re stopping by your ‘hood. The band is a 4-piece this time, and everyone agrees that such a setup makes for a way more exciting rock-and-roll show. Lots of Pedro the Lion jams are being played, and also most of C your B’s. See you soon.