“It’s….one of the best towns”

October 8, 2009 : Dan’s Silverleaf : Denton, TX

We left Austin after an in-studio at KUT – the session was good, but most of the band were feeling pretty rough from the night before. There was throwing up in a urinal involved, if that helps. We set sail north where we stopped in Taylor, TX to enjoy Louie Mueller’s Bar-b-q. It was pretty amazing, and could maybe best be described as “foreign.” Other than Barnhart, the texas boy of the bunch, none of us had ever tried this odd central-texas brand of bar-b-q which is served completely dry and with lots of fat. It was delicious.

We picked Casey Foubert, Bazan drummer for the duration, up from the DFW airport around 5:30 and headed for Denton. Denton, Texas is a fantastic college town with a general vibe of “it’s all good.” The people are really friendly and enthusiastic in a way that most towns simply aren’t, and the show was a smashing success by all accounts.

Dan’s, a great bar, was totally sold out, and the crowd was quite enthusiastic to be there. Casey played a fine first set, and the incredibly humid bar was singing along and cheering in a way that kinda felt like a hometown show. A dude up front drove from Norman, OK with some money he borrowed from his dad to see last night and tonight’s shows and received a hug from Dave during q&a. After the set, the crowd was pretty demanding of an encore, but Bazan has not played an encore once this tour, and it’s been a calculated move. We’ve talked about it in the van, he’s announced it to crowds, it just hasn’t happened. So imagine our shock when Bazan took the stage with a telecaster and played “I Never Wanted You” and “Harmless Sparks” to an ecstatic crowd backed only by the pouring rain from a Texas thunderstorm. It was a great moment, and one I doubt anyone there will forget anytime soon.

Thanks for the good times, Texas. I’m sad to see you go.