Audio / Photo / Video Policy

Audio taping is cool as long as you get prior approval from us. Please be respectful of the show so you don’t distract from the performance in any way. No mic stands, no direct patches to the sound board, etc. Basically, keep it discreet and low hassle. Please contact Undertow at least 7 days before a show to get approval. We’ll send you an e-mail confirmation. Print this and bring it to the show in case anyone at the venue hassles you about taping.

Sometimes we can’t approve taping because the venue has restrictions beyond our control. We can’t go against venue policy so please don’t be mad at us if someone else has silly rules that keep you from taping a show. We are only responsible for our own silly rules.

We support the free trading of live recordings between fans. No commercial use or reselling is allowed.  No songs can be used on websites that have advertising without direct approval from Undertow. Songs that have not been previously released on an album will be excluded from trading. Audience Q&A segments will be excluded from trading.

Please send a download link of your recording to Undertow for our archives. David will retain all rights to use any live recordings in anyway without restrictions. These are his songs after all.

Fans may take photos with compact cameras or phones without a flash for their own personal use. Please be respectful of the performance and the people around you. We reserve the right to ask anyone to stop taking photos if it becomes a distraction to David or fans at the show. We want the show to a good experience for everyone. It’s a bummer when there’s a lot of camera clicks going on during a quiet show. This is a musical performance, not a photo shoot.

We don’t allow professional photography at shows without prior permission. Please contact Undertow at least 7 days before a show for consideration. Please let us know what media outlet you’re working with and a link to some of your recent photos. We’ll review all requests and send you an e-mail confirmation once approved. We usually have a very limited number of photo passes we can issue per show. We can’t grant pre-show access, sound check or backstage areas of the venue.

David will be able to use photos from his shows in anyway without restrictions if they’re published in any medium. Basically, it’s cool if you want to take photos at a show and use them to promote your photography… But we can use them too. Makes sense, right? We’ll give you a photo credit and link back to your website if we use your photos. Sometimes we find photos online and it’s not obvious where they came from. So if you see your photo on our website without a credit just let us know and we’ll add the credit. Easy as that!

Obviously, no photos of David can be used for any commercial or advertising purposes without prior consent and proper contractual agreements. But since David doesn’t do product endorsements or advertising… it’s pretty much not going to happen. So maybe plan on using images of someone else if you’re wanting to monetize or profit from the photos in anyway. Really, you have a lot better chances of making money from photos of people who are a lot more famous.

We don’t allow video taping at any show. This includes Living Room Shows. Unauthorized videos found on Youtube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites might be removed without warning.

We’re not trying to be jerks about this stuff. We want to create an environment that’s free of distractions so the show is a good experience for everyone. Thank you!