“I got the chicken parmesan, with a side of pizza”

Hello friends,

I apologize for the lack of updates. My added responsibilities on this tour have proved quite time-consuming. I hope we can still be friends.

I write to you from Columbia, South Carolina – a surprisingly cool town in a weird state. Lots and lots of people are here, being cool and buying merch. We’ve been so many places since we last talked, please allow me to recall them individually for you.

Springfield MO – Randy Bacon Gallery : The meth capitol of the world I was told by a local. I didn’t meet too many meth-heads, but I did meet a lot of twelve year olds. All ages shows are fun. I also got to see my friend Phil from the fantastic Springfield band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Randy Bacon gallery is a nice place with a very luxurious green room. They also gave us cheese cubes. Huzzah!

St. Louis MO – Old Rock House : The Old Rock House is one of the nicest clubs in the nation. The performance area looks like an old theater (it’s a very old, very large building), the bar is isolated well from the stage area (always a plus), and the green room has a television and air conditioning, amenities we’re not fully accustomed to.

Newport KY – Southgate House : This being the second venue in a row we played with the name “house” in it that is not a house at all, I felt a little betrayed, but the people of Newport/Cincinnati were very kind and welcomed us with horrible bar food across the street from the venue, tales of a haunted upstairs, and warnings of an alley notorious for van break-in’s. Luckily, our van remain unscathed, as did Big T’s Tavern. Big T’s Tavern is what the Headlights van is called. It’s where we drink when we play no alcohol/no liquor venues.

Day off in Nashville, TN – I live in Nashville. Being home with my special lady friend and getting to see my friends and family almost smack dab in the middle of a tour seemed way too good to be true. I ate fried things, slept well, and generally enjoyed myself.

Nashville TN – Exit / In : Exit/In is a great rock club, and we had a great show, with the highest attendance of the tour. My good friend Jeff Baker filled in behind the soundboard as our regular dude. the legendary Chris Colbert, had left us for two days to do sound at SXSW for his regular gig, The Walkmen. It was a great night, except my hometown showed no love for Headlights, which made me sad and embarrassed. Nick compensated by beating up his bass at the end of their set in a fit of Punk-ness.

Asheville NC – Grey Eagle : Asheville is a wonderful and weird town where hippies go to retire and young folks go to become hippies. The staff treated us well and cooked us delicious Cajun food. We ate at a place called the 51 grill in a gas station. It was delicious. Then we ate breakfast at cracker barrel. All we do is eat.