Goodbye, Desert.

Photos by Matthew Barnhart’s iPhone.

October 7, 2009 : Mohawk : Austin, TX

Austin is a great town. The people are friendly, the crowds are loud and into it, and the breakfast tacos? Oh my God, the breakfast tacos. I got to visit El Chilitios and Magnolia, 2/3 of my breakfast taco wish-list, but I’m hoping we can stop by a Torchy’s on the way out of town to complete the trifecta tomorrow after the band plays on the radio for KUT.

Yesterday was a drive day, meaning we spent lots of time in the van. Since there wasn’t much to write about, I hope you enjoyed the video clip. I’ll try to do more media and less six=paragraphs-of-rambling in the future.

We stopped for dinner in Las Cruces, New Mexico at what our GPS and Matt’s iPhone told us was a good mexican restaurant called Andale. We were confused when we walked inside, surveyed a menu and discovered “Andale’s Dog House” to be a mexican hot dog joint….as in, this restaurant served what were essentially hot dogs with enchiladas on top – and nothing else. After some consulting and surveying, we learned that the “Dog House” was just a close-by annex of the straight-Mexican Andale, and were relieved to not have to have a half-pork/half-nitrate stick with cheese, salsa, and ground beef on top for dinner.

Tonight’s show was great – Sunny Day Real Estate’s reunion tour was in town, and I’d imagine there’s a large cross section of fans who would appreciate SDRE and Bazan, but the Mohawk was packed and the crowd, though a bit chatty, was very enthusiastic and into the jams.

It’s 3:05 and we have a 9:30 van call, so I’ll now attempt to fall asleep despite Barnhart’s incessant snoring. G’night, internets.