HOSTS NEEDED: Living Room Shows September 2017

Hello friends! We’re looking for people to host David Bazan Living Room Shows  September. These shows are hosted in private spaces. Each show limited to 50-60 people.

Please read details below and get in touch right away if you are in or near one of these cities and can host a show.

September 2 : Tacoma or Bremerton WA – HOST NEEDED
September 3 : Vancouver BC – CONFIRMED – BUY TICKETS

Can you host a show?

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your space for about 3 hours and check names off the list at the door. In return you’ll get 5 additional free tickets for friends and our eternal gratitude.


1. Read everything below so you know how it works.

2. READ THIS: We’ll need you to sign this when we confirm the show. This details everyone’s responsibilities for the show… yours and ours.

3. email this info:
– a. Your address.
– b. A few photos of your living room.
– c. Please put “Bazan Living Room Show” and the name of your city in the subject line.

4. Sit tight and we’ll get back to as soon as possible if we can book the show at your place.

Here’s how it works.

1. You have a house, loft, art gallery, studio space, coffee shop or other space that can comfortably and safely host 50-60 people for a private show. There needs to be street parking, parking garage or public transportation nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. You probably shouldn’t do this if you live in a small apartment with a bunch of uptight neighbors or a cranky landlord. Be realistic on how many people your place can hold. We need to know how many tickets we can sell in advance. Sorry, we can’t do these shows outside.

2. Ticket price will be $30. Everyone must buy tickets in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be no reselling or third-party tickets sales. All tickets sales are direct to fans from Undertow. Limit 4 tickets per person. We want everyone to have the same chance of getting tickets.

3. We’ll provide the host with a list of everyone coming to the show. The host won’t have to deal with any money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive. We ask show guests to arrive between 7:00-7:45pm. The shows start at 8pm and we ask everyone to be out of your space by 10pm.

4. The host gets 5 additional free tickets for the show. If you have other friends beyond your 5 guests who want to come to the show you should direct them buy tickets on-line.

5. Your home address will not be published on the web and will only be given to people who purchase tickets.

6. The shows will promoted on our websites, Facebook and Twitter and word-of-mouth.

7. We’ll need your help to spread the word on your Facebook and Twitter too. We’ll create a Facebook event for each show and make you a host of the event so you can easily invite your friends (Thank you!). Remember, please don’t post your address. The address only goes to people after they buy tickets. We need to keep the location private so people don’t try to show up and pay at the door.

8. You don’t need any sort of sound system. All we need is a nearby electrical outlet for David to plug his amp into. Some kind of ambient lighting like a lamp on coffee table, floor lamp, or overhead lights with a dimmer to help create a cozy mood and a small table or counter top where David can sell some merchandise after the show.

9. You don’t need seating for everyone. If you have a bunch of chairs, great! But most shows are floor seating and we let guests know they should bring a cushion or pillow to sit on during the show.

10. There will be no opening acts on the living room shows.

11. We love dogs and cats… we really do! But an excitable pet running around during the show can be distracting for the guests and performers. If you have curious and friendly 4-legged family members, would you be ok with putting them in another part of the house or sending them to a friend’s house during the show?

That’s it.

Summer Tour 2017!

We’re excited to announce David’s summer tour dates! He’ll be playing songs from the new album “Care” plus some Pedro The Lion and Bazan back catalog songs. Tickets for all shows are on sale now. Please come out and say hello.

May 20 : Seattle WA – Neumos – TICKETS
June 13 : Evanston IL – SPACE – TICKETS
June 14 : Milwaukee WI – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 16 : Duluth, MN – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 17 : Iowa City IA – The Mill – TICKETS
June 18 : St. Paul MN – Turf Club – TICKETS
June 19 : Kansas City MO – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 21 : Denton TX – Dan’s Silverleaf – TICKETS
June 22 : Austin TX – Barracuda – TICKETS
June 23 : San Antonio TX – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 24 : Houston TX – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 25 : New Orleans LA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 27 : Memphis TN – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 28 : Nashville TN – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 29 : Nashville TN – Living Room Show – TICKETS
June 30 : St. Louis MO – Living Room Show – TICKETS
July 1 : Urbana IL – AudioFeed Festival – TICKETS

# # #

Lo Tom: Pre-Order Debut Album Now!


Lo Tom is D Bazan / T Many / J Martin / TW Walsh

02. Overboard

+ All orders will be shipped to arrive on or before July 14
+ Pre-order now and get instant download of the first single “Overboard”

Spring Tour 2017

April 1 : Grand Rapids MI – Festival of Faith and Music – TICKETS
April 3 : Eugene OR – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
April 4 : Davis CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
April 5 : San Francisco CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
April 6 : Los Angeles CA – Bootleg Theatre – SOLD OUT
April 8 : Santa Ana CA – When We Were Young Fest – SOLD OUT
April 9 : Las Vegas NV – Bunkhouse – SOLD OUT
April 10 : Mesa AZ – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
April 12 : Colorado Springs CO – Living Room Show – TICKETS
April 13 : Denver CO – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
April 14 : Salt Lake City UT – Living Room Show – TICKETS
April 15 : Boise ID – Living Room Show – TICKETS
April 16 : Portland OR – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT



David Bazan’s 4th full-length studio album Care will be released world-wide on March 7, 2017. Pre-order Vinyl, CD, MP3 or Hi-Res WAV now and get an immediate download of the title track “Care.”

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by David Bazan and Richard Swift at his studio National Freedom, USA.

1. Care
2. Up All Night
3. Disappearing Ink
4. Sparkling Water
5. Permanent Record
6. Make Music
7. Lazerbeams
08. Inner Lives
09. Keep Trying
10. The Ballad of Pedro y Blanco

Trouble With Boys

One October night I was sitting on my porch with Dave Bazan and a few close friends drinking wine and cheering up a friend who was in deep despair over his personal life. This didn’t look very fancy. We drank, we made deeply inappropriate jokes, we cooked dinner.

Dave pulled out his phone at one point later in the evening and asked if he could show us something. It was a video, shot by award winning documentarian Brandon Vedder (LA Source, In Pursuit Of Silence), that was going to be used as a promo on Kickstarter for their upcoming documentary about Dave’s career and life.

Dave hasn’t appeared in a video before. But there on the porch, with eight of us gathered around a screen, I watched his daughter run in slow motion as his face looked directly into the screen, and cried as he sang over and to her as she bolted down an empty street.

Either way
You are worthy of love.

It was beautiful. I wept even though it was a phone screen.

I wept because even back in the halcyon days before the results of this election, as a woman (a white, privileged woman) I have been told my value lies in my relationship to men. I am a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend. Never a human. Never allowed to sever the umbilical cord that I was taught to wrap around the wrists of the men who love me. Never pushed out the door and told to run.

Never told that just because I am, that is why I am worthy of love.

And just because I am, means I am worthy of my humanity.

I woke up on Wednesday morning empty and numb. I reached out to friends, especially friends who were LGBTQ, POC, immigrants or children of immigrants, and parents. I reached out and didn’t say much. We just wept. Not because of something beautiful, but because we had just been told by a wide margin that we were not worthy. That because we are, we are less.

Dave woke up that morning, unclear how he would explain to his own daughter and son about what had just happened in our democratic republic, and realized he needed to put that video out out now.

Because art speaks. Art is important. Art is personal, and it is binding. It is for when words fail. It is for when we fall down and need to crawl with our elbows through the mud toward a shrouded destination because we cannot stand.

He called me and told me he didn’t want to sell records from this or raise money for the film. He wanted this to be what it was – art that meant something different a month ago, and suddenly shifted overnight to take on a new purpose. Because that’s what art does when we allow it to speak – it moves and changes and grows.

I watched that video again, as a woman now decisively told that my value is diminished. I watched that video as everything I am – a person, a daughter, a writer, a friend. And I wept. But it had changed. I watched Dave cry, staring down the lens like the barrel of a gun. I watched a white man tear himself open and let his daughter be a person while knowing that the world may be cruel to her because of who she is. I watched him let her run away, and give her love because she is, not because of what she is.

And I walked out the door and started my own long journey into whatever comes next – untying the cords and breaking into a run.

-Kathleen Tarrant


“Trouble With Boys” From the album “Blanco” on Barsuk Records.
Directed, Shot & Edited by Brandon Vedder
Colored by J Michael Neal
Production assistance by Andy Fitts

David Bazan’s Christmas Miracle Tour!


To celebrate the release of David’s Christmas album ”Dark Sacred Night” he’ll embark on his first ever Christmas themed tour.  Tickets for all shows are on sale now!

Nov 29 : Richland WA – Living Room Show – CANCELLED
Nov 30 : Boise ID – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 01 : Salt Lake City UT – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 02 : Las Vegas – Living Room Show –  TICKETS
Dec 03 : Tuscon AZ – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 04 : Phoenix AZ – Valley Bar – TICKETS
Dec 06 : San Diego – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 07 : Aliso Viejo CA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 08 : Los Angeles, CA – Masonic Lodge – TICKETS
Dec 09 : Bakersfield CA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 10 : Modesto, CA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 11 : Santa Cruz CA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 13 : San Francisco CA – Swedish American Hall – TICKETS
Dec 14 : Sacramento CA – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 15 : Medford OR – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 16 : Eugene OR – Living Room Show – TICKETS
Dec 17 : Portland OR – Revolution Hall – TICKETS
Dec 18 : Seattle WA – Neumo’s – TICKETS
Dec 20 : Chicago IL – Thalia Hall – TICKETS

PRE-ORDER: “Dark Sacred Night”

david-bazan-dark-sacred-night-1474896350-640x640PRE-ORDER NOW
Pre-order will ship on October 31, 2016

There is something that is underrepresented in Christmas music, and that’s just how uncomfortable the holidays can be for a lot of folks,” David Bazan says about his collection of holiday songs Dark Sacred Night. Back in 2002, David Dickenson of Suicide Squeeze Records approached Bazan and asked if he would be interested in doing a 7” of Christmas carols. The result was the “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” b/w “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel” single released under Bazan’s Pedro the Lion moniker. He followed it up with “The First Noel” 7” in 2003 and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” in 2005. Even after retiring the Pedro The Lion project, Bazan continued his run of Yuletide singles for Suicide Squeeze under his own name. These limited edition 7”s are all long out of print, but David Bazan and Suicide Squeeze have chosen ten of the fourteen tracks, remixed and remastered the material, and collected them on Dark Sacred Night.

Dark Sacred Night tracklist:

01 : All I Want For Christmas
02 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
03 : Away In A Manger
04 : God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
05 : I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
06 : Jingle Bells
07 : Silent Night
08 : Long Way Around The Sea
09 : O Little Town Of Bethlehem
10 : Wish My Kids Were Here

David Bazan’s Christmas Miracle Tour:

12/04 : Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar – TICKETS
12/08 : Los Angeles, CA @ Masonic Lodge – TICKETS
12/13 : an Francisco, CA @ Swedish American Hall – TICKETS
12/17 : Portland, OR @ Revolution Hall – TICKETS
12/18 : Seattle, WA @ Neumos – TICKETS

photo by Ryan Russell

# # #

Midwest Living Room Tour / October 2016


David will be playing living room shows in October. Each show limited to 40-70 tickets. Don’t delay. These shows always sell out quickly.


Wed October 5 : Champaign IL @ 8pm
Thu October 6 : Bloomington IL @ 8pm
Fri October 7 : Des Moines IA @ 8pm
Sat October 8 : Batavia IL @ 3pm
Sat October 8 : Glen Ellyn IL @ 8pm
Sun October 9 : Chicago IL @ 3pm
Sun October 9 : Chicago IL @ 8pm
Tue October 11 : Ft Wayne IN @ 8pm
Wed October 12 : Kalamazoo MI @ 8pm
The October 13 : Ann Arbor MI @ 8pm
Fri October 14 : Toledo OH @ 8pm
Sat October 15 : Cleveland OH @ 3pm
Sat October 15 : Akron OH @ 8pm
Sun October 16 : Columbus OH @ 3pm
Sun October 16 : Cincinnati OH @ 8pm

# # #

August 2016 Tour Dates!


The Blanco Tour Continues! Tickets are going fast don’t delay.

We have these incredible limited edition tour posters designed by Ryan at Bandito and printed by Ink Tank in Omaha available at the shows and on-line. BUY NOW!

August 04 : Jacksonville FL – Jack Rabbits – TICKETS +
August 05 : Orlando FL – The Social – TICKETS +
August 06 : Tampa FL – Crowbar – TICKETS +
August 08 : Birmingham AL – The Syndicate – TICKETS +
August 09 : Nashville TN – Exit/In – TICKETS +
August 10 : Memphis TN – Hi-Tone Cafe – TICKETS +
August 11 : Little Rock AR – Stickyz – TICKETS +
August 12 : Tulsa OK – The Vanguard – TICKETS +
August 13 : Denton TX – Dan’s Silverleaf – TICKETS +
August 14 : Houston TX – The Raven Tower – TICKETS +
August 15 : Austin TX – The Parish – TICKETS +
August 17 : El Paso TX – Bowie Feathers – TICKETS +
August 18 : Albuquerque NM – Low Spirits – TICKETS +
August 19 : Phoenix AZ – The Crescent Ballroom – TICKETS +
August 20 : San Diego CA – Casbah-  TICKETS +
August 21 : Costa Mesa CA – The Wayfayer – TICKETS +
August 22 : Los Angeles CA – Teragram Ballroom – TICKETS +
August 24 : San Francisco CA – The Independent – TICKETS +
August 27 : Portland OR – Mississippi Studios – TICKETS +
August 28 : Vancouver BC – The Biltmore Cabaret – TICKETS +

+ with Michael Nau

New Album “Blanco”



“Blanco” will be released world-wide on May 13, 2016 by the fine folks at Barsuk Records! Blanco is made up of songs that were previously available in a very limited edition 7” vinyl series called Bazan Monthly, Volume 1 and Volume 2. David picked ten of those songs to update, remix and flesh out into a cohesive album format that’s easier for fans to collect and bring home.

Both Hands (Over My Eyes)
Kept Secrets
With You
Trouble With Boys
Little Landslide
Someone Else’s Bet
Over Again
Little Motor

+ 18″x24” screen printed poster designed by Jesse LeDoux
+ Turntable slip mat designed by Jesse LeDoux
+ T-shirt designed by Jesse LeDoux
+ Immediate download of the first single “Trouble with Boys”
+ Full album download available on May 13
+ Orders placed by May 3 will be shipped to arrive on or before May 13


+ Mastered from hi-res audio without digital limiting or compression
+ Limited edition 150g white vinyl (Blanco!)
+ Uncoated full-color gatefold jacket
+ Full-album download on release date

+ Uncoated full-color gatefold CD sleeve
+ Full-album download on release date

+ High-quality analog tape transferred from hi-res audio.
+ White cassette tape shell
+ Standard clear plastic cassette case
+ Full-color artwork printed on J-card
+ Full-album download on release date

+ Shirt: American Apparel – Made in USA
+ Shirt color: New Silver
+ Poster size: 18″ x 24″
+ Poster paper: Heavy weight 100lb
+ Print Colors: Black, Blue, Magenta, Pink
+ Printed by Ink Tank in Omaha Nebraska

* As of April 29 at Noon (central time) we are out of signed albums. All orders after this cut-off time will get albums that haven’t been signed by David.

Bazan + Passenger String Quartet : Live At Lincoln Hall / HD Video Download


David Bazan + The Passenger String Quartet embarked on a 40-city North American Tour in the fall of 2014. One of the stops was at Lincoln Hall in Chicago where director Bob Davidson and his crew filmed the sold-out show.

Hard To Be
How I Remember
Wolves At The Door
The Berlin Patient (Instrumental)
The Fleecing
I Do
Bands With Managers
When They Really Get To Know You
Lost My Shape
With You
Cold Beer and Cigarettes
Little Landslide
Shit Talker
Strange Negotiations

David Bazan: singing, guitar, electronics
Rebecca Chung Filice: Cello
Seth May-Patterson: Viola
Alina To: Violin
Andrew Joslyn: Violin, composer and string arrangements
Chris Colbert: Live audio mixing

Running Time: 58 minutes
Video Format: HD / 1280 x 720 / H.264
Audio: 2-channel stereo
Download size: 940mb
Directed by Bob Davidson.
Edited by Luke Theobald.
Post production mix and mastering by Chris Colbert.
Cameras: Bob Davidson, Kevin Schmalandt, J.J. Starr, Luke Theobald.
Production assistant: Kelly Reed.
Special thanks for Matt Rucins and the staff at Lincoln Hall.
A Rule29 & Wonderkind Studios Production.
All songs except “The Berlin Patient” written by David Bazan.
“The Berlin Patient” written by Andrew Joslyn.

Living Room Shows in Western States / March 2016


March 20 : Portland OR – SOLD OUT
March 21 : Eugene OR – SOLD OUT
March 23 : San Jose CA – SOLD OUT
March 24 : San Luis Obisbo CA – SOLD OUT
March 25 : Santa Ana CA – SOLD OUT
March 26 : Redlands CA – SOLD OUT
March 27 : Bakersfield CA – SOLD OUT
March 28 : Modesto CA – SOLD OUT
March 30 : Davis CA – SOLD OUT
March 31 : Reno NV – SOLD OUT
April 1 : Ashland OR – SOLD OUT

Living Room Tour – January & February 2016


Tickets are on sale now for Bazan solo shows in January and February. He’ll be playing songs from Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Bazan albums. These shows always sell out quickly. Don’t delay.


Wed Jan 27 : Dallas TX –  SOLD OUT
Thu Jan 28 : Austin TX –  SOLD OUT
Fri Jan 29 : Austin TX –  SOLD OUT
Sat Jan 30 : San Antonio TX –  SOLD OUT
Sun Jan 31 : Houston TX –  SOLD OUT
Tue Feb 2 : New Orleans LA –  SOLD OUT
Thu Feb 4 : Memphis TN –  SOLD OUT
Fri Feb 5 : Little Rock AR –  SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 6 : Fayetteville AR –  SOLD OUT
Sun Feb 7 : Springfield MO –  SOLD OUT
Tue Feb 9 : Columbia MO –  SOLD OUT
Wed Feb 10 : Kansas City MO –  SOLD OUT
Thu Feb 11 : Lawrence KS –  SOLD OUT
Fri Feb 12 : Wichita KS –  SOLD OUT
Sat Feb 13 : Tulsa OK –  SOLD OUT
Sun Feb 14 : Oklahoma City OK –  SOLD OUT
Mon Feb 15 : Denton TX –  SOLD OUT

Thanks for helping us spread the word about these shows.

Living Room Shows November & December 2015


David will be playing a few solo shows in the Northeast.

Friday, Nov 13 : Hamden CT @ The Ballroom at The Outer Space – SOLD OUT
Saturday, Nov 14 : Chicopee MA @ 3pm / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Saturday, Nov 14 : Danvers MA @ 8pm / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Sunday, Nov 15 : Allston MA @ 3pm / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Sunday, Nov 15 : Allston MA @ 8pm / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT

These shows will be David on guitar and Yuuki Matthews on bass. They’ll be playing Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Bazan songs. These always sell out pretty quick.

Sunday, Nov 29 : Birmingham AL / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Monday, Nov 30 : Atlanta GA / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Tuesday, Dec 1 : Gainesville FL  / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Wednesday, Dec 2 : Tampa FL / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Thursday, Dec 3 : Orlando FL / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Friday, Dec 4 : Savannah GA / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Saturday, Dec 5 : Charleston SC / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Sunday, Dec 6 : Charlotte NC / Living Room Show- SOLD OUT
Wednesday, Dec 9 : Richmond VA / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Thursday, Dec 10 : Lynchburg VA / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Friday, Dec 11 : Asheville NC / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Saturday, Dec 12 : Knoxville TN / Living Room Show- SOLD OUT
Sunday, Dec 13 : Nashville TN / Living Room Show – SOLD OUT

* The Southeastern shows will be filmed for an upcoming documentary about David. Please be aware that by attending one of these shows your image could appear in the film. If you have any issue with this you are still welcome to attend, but please speak with someone from the film crew on the night of the show so that they can accommodate you.

(photo credit:

Boston Area Living Room Shows November 14 & 15


We added a few solo Living Room Shows in the Boston area in November. These are all Bazan solo shows. He’ll be playing songs from Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Bazan solo catalogs.


Sat, Nov 14 : Living Room Show – Chicopee MA @ 3pm – SOLD OUT
Sat, Nov 14 : Living Room Show – Danvers MA @ 8pm – SOLD OUT
Sun, Nov 15 : Living Room Show – Allston MA @ 3pm – SOLD OUT
Sun, Nov 15 : Living Room Show – Allston MA @ 8pm – SOLD OUT

(photo by Joe Pyle)

David Bazan + Yuuki Mathews: October 2015 Living Room Tour



Tickets for the October shows on sale now. These will be David Bazan & Yuuki Matthews duo shows. They’ll be playing Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Bazan songs.

Oct 13 : Eugene OR – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 14 : Redding CA – Living Room Show –  CANCELLED
Oct 15 : Sacramento CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 16 : Santa Barbara CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 17 : Los Angeles CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 19 : Fresno CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 20 : Santa Cruz CA  – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 21 : San Francisco CA – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 23 : Portland OR @ Portland State University
Oct 24 : Boise ID – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 25 : Salt Lake City UT – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 26 : Ft Collins CO – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 27 : Casper WY – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 28 : Billings MT – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 29 : Helena MT – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT
Oct 30 : Richland WA  – Living Room Show – SOLD OUT