Bazan Monthly: Volume 2


Two new David Bazan songs will be released every month for five months between January and May 2015. That’s 10 new songs! You can buy the complete set on 7″ vinyl singles + MP3 and Hi-Res WAV downloads for $35 + postage for all five shipments. You’ll get a download for two new songs on the first of each month. Then we’ll start shipping the vinyl to you each month beginning in March. Or you can choose to have them all shipped at the end of the run for one shipping cost.

The complete set is also available as monthly download for $10 in MP3 or Hi-Res WAV formats. If you choose a download option you’ll get the first two songs immediately. Then two new songs will be added to your download page on the first of each month. You just need to sign-in and download the new songs.